The Nelson’s Way: Passion. Heritage. Commitment.

A Lifelong Passion for School Transportation

Led by Chris Arnett and Dave Nelson, both owners are third generation in the school bus industry. Both have driven routes, fixed buses, and worked with customers from their youngest years to their current roles at Nelson’s.

Our united efforts begin with pride. We encourage our team on a daily basis to be proud of the opportunities our partnerships offer. As a community partner with students, parents, coaches, teachers and district staff, we recognize that our team members are an extension of the district. In many cases we are the first and last point of contact with the children on daily basis.

We believe in the Golden Rule and treat you as we would like to be treated. We call it the Nelson’s Way, which is why our commitment to the district goes beyond interaction with students. Quality and well maintained equipment provides safety, reliability and pride to our children. Something as simple as a clean school bus is part of our education to students. Pride and positive results begin with a clean work environment.

Building on our passion, heritage and commitment, Nelson’s Bus Service, Inc. remains focused on the safety and education of children.